Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Zoo by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
Published September 3 2012 Century
This is the first James Patterson thriller I have read and I enjoyed it. It is a standalone so I shall not be trawling through his extensive backlist but I guess its a start!
Out of the blue, animals start behaving aggressively toward humans. Global brutal attacks and deaths are being reported. Biologist Jackson Oz has a theory - but can he make people listen before its too late?
I read this book very quickly. It is action-packed and split into short, punchy chapters so perfect for reluctant readers. Its a thought-provoking novel...lets face it, it could happen. Just glad I don't have any pets!
So while Zoo has not swayed me into becoming a die-hard James Patterson fan, I'm glad I read it. I feel it would transfer very well to film...maybe soon coming to a cinema near you! If you can't wait for that to possibly happen, read the book as they are almost always better!

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