Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Bridge

The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury
Published October 1 2012 Simon & Schuster
I picked this up from the library due to its gorgeous festive cover - and that it is about a bookstore. I've never worked in one but always wanted to - to see the difference between loaning books and selling them.
The Bridge is the bookstore - and it builds a bridge between owners Charlie and Donna and their customers, between people and between people and books. However The Bridge isn't doing so well and, following an accident, the local community and customers past and present come together to perform their own Christmas miracle.
This is Christian fiction. The first I've come across - I believe this genre is more popular over in America than in the UK. There is prayer, there is faith - but what book doesn't contain a little faith?
I'm not going to get caught up in a big religious debate over a fiction novel that was sweet and twee and that had a happy ending. Don't we all wish for a happy ending? I shall not be actively looking for another Karen Kingsbury. For me, the novel lacked some depth. I was not absorbed in what I was reading. 

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