Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Golden Earrings

Golden Earrings by Belinda Alexandra
Published 2011 Simon & Schuster
I chose to read this as I had many years ago read (and loved) Wild Lavender. I also adore armchair travelling with novels set abroad. Golden Earrings is set in Spain and France so that was another tick in the box before I'd read the first page.
Golden Earrings is an epic tale of family, love and betrayal. Paloma is a ballet dancer living in Paris. An encounter with a ghost leaves her with a pair of earrings and a craving to learn of her Spanish heritage. We follow Paloma on her quest to find the truth of her family's involvement in the Spanish Civil War and their connection to La Rusa - the world's most formidable flamenco star.
The family and character connections are extremely well written as are the dance scenes. Last year in Valencia I saw an amateur flamenco show - it was breath-taking. The drive and the passion of the dance really come through in Belinda's writing. Ole!

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