Thursday, 5 December 2013

From Essex to Chelsea With Love

From Essex to Chelsea With Love by Millie Conway
Published 22 November 2012 Headline Review
TOWIE meets MIC in this upbeat chick-lit romance.
Tallulah Caston-Jones has been dragged into planning her brother Persimmon and his fiancée Edwina's wedding at Highdrow Castle as part of her mother's as-good-as-the-Middletons party planning business. Edwina wants the wedding of the year but with just eight weeks until the day, will Talli manage to pull it all together?
Talli needs all the help she can get but instead gets a tall, fit, muscular distraction in the form of Zac Parker - brother of Lena and Minx, stars of hit reality TV show Lovin' Essex.
Zac is secretly dating Kiki Spooner - number one (in her eyes) of Lovin' Essex with big hair, big boobs and the biggest ego. When Kiki starts receiving hate mail and death threats Zac feels he must protect her but is Kiki really the one he cares about?
Sparks fly as Talli and Zac begin to work closer together in order to make Edwina's dreams come true.
Sex, drama and designer clothes - its all happenin' babes!!   
There is so much drama in from Essex to Chelsea you'll be well jeal to miss it! The book is fast funny and feisty. If you need your reality TV fix, this is the read for you.

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