Thursday, 5 December 2013

Deadly Hemlock

Deadly Hemlock by Katheen Peacock
Published 5 July 2012 Simon Pulse
"Beware the wolf within"
Mac's friend Amy was murdered during a spate of werewolf attacks in the town of Hemlock.
Lupine Syndrome has been officially recognised by the Government and numbers of infected are on the rise. Trackers - an extremist group - are determined to capture and detain every 'fleabag' by all means un-necessary and they've just rocked in to Hemlock.
Mac wants nothing to do with the vigilante trackers and so investigates Amy's murder herself. The more secrets she uncovers, the closer she gets to the killer...
I found Deadly Hemlock a very readable TF novel. Yes, I guessed the identity of the killer, and quite early on but the sub-plots still kept it entertaining. Good were-fic. 

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