Monday, 20 January 2014

Voices of Angels

Voices of Angels by Hannah M. Davis
Published July 16 2012 John Hunt Publishing
Lizzie Fisher looks up in class and sees a black shape floating over her teacher's head. She thinks its her eyesight at first as no-one else sees it. She becomes an even bigger target for school bullies - until the teacher dies exactly seven days later.
When it happens again with her precious dog Joopy, Lizzie is inconsolable. Lizzie doesn't get on well with her Mum, she can't talk to her about all of this so she decides to visit her Grandmother (who she has never met) in Andalucía, Spain. Will Lizzie find the answers she craves among the olive groves?
I raced through this YA novel. The title through me as I thought it would be a guardian angel on earth novel - its not. Lizzie has the 'gift' of foreseeing death. She gets another 'gift' in Andalucía, Rafa is a hunky gardener/goatheard/guitarist. Lizzie and Rafa's romance is hot - the long looks, the tension...whew!
My favourite character was not Rafa, but Lizzie's Grandmother Ariadne - she's just brilliant! The total opposite of Lizzie's Mother.
All in all I'm glad I read Voices of Angels. The descriptions of Spain and of the Flamenco guitar were simply heavenly to read.

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