Sunday, 26 January 2014

Secrets & Spies: Treason

Secrets & Spies: Treason by Jo Macauley
Published June 6 2013 Curious Fox
Treason is the first book in this exciting historical adventure series for young people.
The first thing I noticed was the very thick, durable cover on the book...I know, I know, you can take the girl out of the library...but that is a very important sign of quality from Curious Fox. Now, back to the story...
The cover image is striking and made me want to read the book immediately. It pictures 14 year old Beth Johnson who is treading the boards of the King's Theatre, London. However, skills with a script and stage dagger are not the only talents in young Beth's repartee, for Beth is a spy, working for King Charles II's Spymaster Sir Alan Strange.
There is talk of a mysterious Dutch ship moored on the Thames, whispers of war and rumours of a plot on the King's life. As Beth and her friends search for answers, will the be able to put the clues together in time to save the King?
This was a fun, enjoyable, well-paced romp through 17th century London. Beth is likeable, confident and smart. There was a nice hint of romance between Beth and John and I loved the map included in the back of the book.
I hope to read more of this thrilling new series.

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