Monday, 20 January 2014


Penelope by Rebecca Harrington
Published January 1 2013 Virago
"To make friends at Harvard she just has to be herself. But not too much."
So this is what Harvard is like!
Penelope O'Shaughnessy is a Harvard Freshman. We follow her on her first year at an Ivy League college - through roommates and cat allergies, Hercule Poirot and guarding Caligula.
Penelope is both baffled and baffling. I like her! She's kooky, confident and completely clueless. Her roomies are entertaining - especially Lan, LOVE her! Harvard is a real coming-of-age education for poor Penelope.
I read this book in one sitting and upon finishing I immediately wanted to know if year two was any better for Penelope - what classes did she take? Did she ever see Raymond again? Did she find a kindred spirit? I do hope so.

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