Sunday, 26 January 2014


Fated by Sarah Alderson
Published January 5 2012 Simon & Schuster
"What happens if the person you love is the one who must betray you?"
Evie is in high school and works two jobs to save money for her escape from the small town she has grown up in.
Things have been pretty bad. Her adoptive dad died. Then her best friend died in a car accident while she was out with Edie's now ex-boyfriend Tom. Yes, Edie's life sucks - so when she's attacked round the back of the diner it kind of puts the tin hat on her life, and opens the door to a world she never knew existed. Evie is a Hunter - a warrior against Unhumans, and the last hope to stop demons ruling all seven dimensions.
Lucas is half demon, half human. He and the rest of the Brotherhood have been given a task - to kill Evie Hunter before a prophecy can be fulfilled, a prophecy ending the war that has raged for the last thousand years.
When Lucas enters Evie's life, posing as a ranch hand, sparks fly but with their destinies already decided, can they survive, let alone fall in love?
I really enjoyed this fantasy teen thriller. There was a great balance of action and character interaction. I couldn't warm to the rest of the Hunters - found them a bit too 'Stepford' but the Brotherhood are cool! Hope there will be more to come.

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