Sunday, 26 January 2014

Fall of Night

Fall of Night by Rachel Caine
Published May 2 2013 Allison & Busby
Disclaimer: This review contains spoilers...
Here I am, glad to be back in Morganville (for the 14th time). The characters are like old cold friends and its great to be reading about Claire and the gang...and Myrnin of course!
Only when I started reading Fall of Night, Claire is actually leaving Morganville (with permission) to go to MIT. She's nervous, she's excited, she's about to get a huge wake-up call over trust.
Morganville is such a successful series of books some can seem a bit....same-y so Fall of Night is high on my list of favourites. Still plenty of twists - loved Lady Jane (ha!), Oliver and the dastardly professor but it was the ending that's the kicker - I cannot wait to read what led up to The Daylight Foundation's takeover!
Humans are in charge of Morganville and its gonna be wicked finding out how Amelie and Co take it back!!

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