Sunday, 16 February 2014


Ultraviolet by R J Anderson
Published June 2 2011 Orchard
I wasn't sure about this one. I thought it was another 'issues' YA novel with a hint of crime drama so I certainly didn't expect the Sci-Fi ending.
16 year-old Alison wakes up to find herself in a psychological unit.
She can't remember arriving, why she is there or why her arms are covered in scratches.
Alison has always been...different, and from an early age she learned to hide her differences from others. She knew her Mother thought she was crazy and maybe she is right because all Alison can remember is killing Tori.
I found this book a bit...meh...until three-quarters of the way through when it became really really good! Faraday is a hottie and I hope there will be a sequel - it could be awesome!

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