Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hidden Wives

Hidden Wives by Claire Avery
Published June 8 2010 Forge Books
While reading this book, I found I had forgotten it was fiction. We have all heard or read about polygamist families - this novel is set in the Utah Blood of the Lamb community. It tells the story of sisters Rachel and Sara who are both due to be married under the orders of the Prophet. They are fifteen years old.
Sara is to be her Uncle's fifth wife - and is distraught. This and other events lead her to question the life she leads and her beliefs.
Rachel has fallen in love, but the Prophet's announcement of her marriage leads to a shocking and violent conclusion. Can the girls escape before its too late?
Gripping, moving, shocking - this debut novel packs a punch.
**Warning of: rape, racism, incest, domestic violence and suicide**

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