Monday, 10 February 2014

Lazy Days

Lazy Days by Erlend Loe
November 1 2013 Head of Zeus
Lazy days is the narration of a Norwegian family's holiday to Germany, well, to Mixing Part Churches to be precise, if online translators are to be believed.
Theatre director Telemann doesn't like being in Germany - where, apparently, Nazism is rife and all German people talk about is the Second World War (Telemann doesn't speak German). He has a habit of letting his mind...wander...artistically you understand - to the theatre, plays he has seen or must write, and to Nigella Lawson who needs saving from her husband. Very little of Telemann's time is taken up thinking about his wife Nina or his three children who are all at various stages of curiosity.
Family holidays - what's not to love?
This is a darkly amusing novel from Norwegian Erlend Loe, author of Doppler. I suspect I enjoyed this book all the more as Nigella Lawson is currently very newsworthy.
Lazy Days is kooky, observant and highly original with a fabulous arty cover design.
Love it!

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