Saturday, 3 August 2013

Island Wife

Island Wife, Judy Fairbairns, front cover
Island Wife by Judy Fairbairns
Published March 28, 2013 Two Roads Books
A fascinating memoir of Hebridean family life.
Judy and Alex meet and marry. Judy goes from being a nineteen year old city girl to a busy wife and mother on a successful farm when the opportunity arises to move to Tapsalteerie - a Hebridean estate - and Alex and Judy take it. 
Now an island wife, she has "...a full hand and no mistake..." with a husband, five children, Granny-at-the-Gate and numerous animals let alone the hundreds of visitors to the family's B&B, whale watching business and recording studio. We read about their lives throughout the coldest Winter on record...and beyond.
Told with candour and humour, this book holds marvellous descriptions of a beautiful, rugged, untamed landscape - I had to keep Googling flora and fauna!
Amusing one minute, heartbreaking the next - Island Wife is the story of one woman's struggle to find happiness on what must have felt like the edge of the world.

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