Friday, 23 August 2013

America Pacifica

America Pacifica by Anna North
Published 4 August 2011 Virago
A new ice age has come.
The world is freezing.
People are dying.
A new island is discovered hundreds of miles off America's coast, unaffected by the freezing conditions gripping the planet.
Ships set sail, making for the island of America Pacifica and a new life there under the governorship of Tyson, but not everything is how it was imagined in this dystopian thriller.
Darcy's mother, her protector in this harsh world, is missing. Will Darcy find out what happened? Will she find her mother? Or will Darcy be forced to face life on America Pacifica alone?
I really enjoyed reading America Pacifica and hope there will be a continuation to this gripping novel. A terrific debut from Anna North.  

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