Monday, 24 June 2013

The Potter's Hand

The Potter's Hand

The Potter's Hand by A. N. Wilson
Published 1 September 2012 Atlantic Books

Historical literary saga of the Wedgwood family. Begins at the height of Josiah Wedgwood's career as he is completing the thousand piece Frog Service for Catherine the Great of Russia.
This is a hefty tome (502 pages). I found it tough, especially towards the end but persevered. Do watch out for the passages in dialect!
It is an illustration of eighteenth-century English family life, from the bargee to the new-monied toff. Sprinkled with illustrious Georgians such as Erasmus, Darwin and Coleridge.
An extraordinary tale.
The author's father was Managing Director of Josiah Wedgwood and Sons.
A. N. Wilson describes the book as " act of homage to one of the great men of our history.", and it is.

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