Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Blogger Tour Review of Another Heartbeat in the House

Another Heartbeat in the House
By Kate Beaufoy

Published Transworld July 2 2015

I am very excited to be taking part in my first blog tour and am honoured to have been asked to review Another Heartbeat in the House.

The book begins with us meeting Edie Chadwick and Ian Fleming -yes, THE Ian 007 Fleming! Ian has a cameo role but Edie is the real star. London publisher, dog lover, heartbroken over a friend's betrayal. Escape comes in the form of an invitation to close up an old house in Ireland, in preparation for its sale.

It's just what Edie needs to keep her busy and give her a change of scenery so accompanied with her new canine companion Milo, she dons a headscarf, rolls her sleeves up and sets to work cataloguing and clearing the old house.

When Edie discovered an old manuscript, the booklover inside cannot help but read it, and falls under the spell of Eliza Drury - independent, strong willed mistress of Jameson St. Leger, member of Ireland's aristocracy.Oh, and friend of William Thackeray, and his inspiration for Becky Sharp - one of my favourite females in literature!!!

What started out being a light, intelligent read expanded in depth creating a tragic yet affirming story with wonderfully believable characterisation and immensely enjoyable natural dialogue. There wasn't a character there who didn't add to the story and the author's evocative and educational descriptions of Ireland had me fascinated. Another Heartbeat is one of my best reads of the year and has made me want to reread Vanity Fair as soon as I can!

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