Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Itch by Simon Mayo
Published March 1 2012 Doubleday
"The explosive adventures of an element hunter."
Wow. Lets just take a moment to appreciate THAT cover! POW! Such an attractive design that will grab JF-YA readers of both genders. Their first question (and mine): What is an element hunter?
Itchingham Lofte is science obsessed. When he is not causing small explosions in his bedroom, he is tracking down elements from the periodic table. So far his growing collection has been stored under his bed but after losing his eyebrows in an 'experiment', Mum insists it is all bound for the shed.
After accidentally poisoning his class at school, Itch thinks it might be time to take a break from his elements but then something comes to him that changes everything...he buys a rock. A very special, highly-prized RADIOACTIVE rock.
The rock takes Itch and his cousin Jack on a race against time culminating in a fight for their lives.
An interesting, action packed, edge-of-your-seat, pulse-raising read. Science in fiction? Brilliant!
If you loved this, the adventures of Itchington Lofte continue in Itch Rocks! - out now.

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