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The Villa

The Villa
The Villa by Rosanna Ley
Published 31 May 2012 Quercus
I really enjoyed reading The Villa. The best part? Wonderfully evocative descriptions of Sicily, her people and of course, the food! Bliss. Sicily is definitely on my to-travel-to list.
The Villa is a well-crafted multi-generational tale of family, of the bonds between mother and daughter, and of love.
Switching seamlessly between the past and the present, Sicily and the UK, we are introduced to grandmother Flavia, daughter Tess and granddaughter Ginny. It tells a tale of forbidden love, lost love and grief. Yet amongst this is romance, discovery and hope.
Tess has been bequeathed a villa in Sicily by Edward Westerman - a man she has never met and her mother's former employer. Tess travels to Sicily to see (and fall in love with) the Villa Sirena and finds more than she bargained for...
Tess is a likeable character. Single parent to Ginny she gains gumption. We see her grow as a person as the story develops.
Flavia is a gem! Her wonderful Sicilian recipes are included throughout the story.
Ginny is a typical teen, struggling with who she is and who she wants to be. The only downside I found was Ginny's "jumping jellyfish" and "stuttering sealions" malarkey. I don't know a teen that thinks, let alone says phrases like that - it didn't sit well with me.
The Villa is a perfect Summer read. Think sun-drenched terraces, draping bougainvillea, citrus-scented air, gorgeous Sicilian men.... are you convinced?!   

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