Monday, 8 April 2013

Time Between Us

Time Between Us
"Make every second count."
Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone
Published 25 October 2012 Doubleday
Fans of The Time Traveller's Wife, this is the book for you. Non-fans of The Time Traveller's Wife (me) - give it a go. not everything is explained. As you read, you end up with a list of hows? and whys? which make the story feel incomplete but put that aside (if you can) and you get a very sweet romantic story.
Anna lives in Chicago. She's a cross-country runner and dreams of travelling the world. It is 1995.
Bennett lives in San Francisco. He skaeboards and...he can time travel. He dreams of staying in one place. It is 2012.
When events send Bennett back, he meets Anna'll just have to read the rest yourself!
The best part of this book are the characters. Anna and Bennett are a joy to read about.
Tamara lives near San Francisco and is working on her second novel. 

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