Saturday, 2 March 2013



"Humanity is overrated."

Viridian by Susan Gates
Published 11 October 2012 A&C Black

This was a pure cover choice. Its such a strikingly sinister image I wanted to know more.

Everyone's changing, its the lastest thing! In an effort to save the planet, a virus has been created turning humans into a human/plant hybrid - a Verdan. Viridian and his family made the change but some humans are immune to changing, like Jay and his father and some are just not willing to. As resentment builds, an army of Cultivars is formed with Viridian as its leader, intent on wiping humans from the planet. Will they succeed?

This is a very different teen science fiction novel. I love the scientific element to the storyline - plant physiology, growth and survival. I found it to add to my enjoyment of reading rather than being instrusive.

There were some parts of the novel that let me down. The charater relationships seemed a little forced and too coincidental but overall I would recommend it. It would be a great tie-in with science projects and it has enough action to hold a reader's interest.

Its sequel, Venus Angel is released October 2013.

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